Hand in Hand


Across 1. What do you do when someone tells a good joke?
3. Large algae growing in the sea or on rocks below the high-water mark
5. To be in good health is to be...?
7. When there are lots of trees living together we call it a...?
12. What do you call an animals hair?
13. What do we call the long period of rest when we close our eyes and dream?
14. We go to school in order to...?
2. What is the opposite of bad?
4. What is another word for hungry?
6. When you are smiling you feel?
8. A type of animal that lives in water and is related to the weasel?
9. To accept something enthusiastically?
10. The opposite of hard is...?
11. A large brown seaweed that can grow in forest in the sea?
13. The biggest organ on the human body is…?

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